Grow Your Business Online

As a professional speaker you may be wondering what sets those speakers who draw a worldwide audience apart from those who are not reaching a global audience. If you are wondering how you can expand your reputation beyond the bounds of your current arena, then you must look at how you can expand your business online. Here are some tips that will help you become a speaker with a global reach.

#1 Build a Reputation
The great thing about the Internet is that it offers far more opportunities to build a reputation that have ever been possible in the past. Step one is to have a dynamite website that serves as your portfolio. It should include short video clips of your talks so that visitors can see firsthand what a dynamic speaker you are. There are many other opportunities online to build your reputation outside of your website. You can establish yourself as an expert in your niche by participating in groups and forums related to your field. You can also establish your presence using the social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. There are many others social media sites. In addition to your regular website, having a blog can go a long way toward helping you make a name for yourself. A blog is a more informal platform than your regular site, and it is easy to add informative posts on a regular basis. Post short, sample videos of your talks on video sites such as YouTube. Write articles and publish them in online article directories. Establish yourself as the “go to guy” in your field.

#2 Be Adaptable
Top tier speakers are always changing, and adapting, with the times. To be a top speaker you have to know how to use the latest technology, and online strategies, to your advantage. It also means knowing how your niche is evolving and changing. What are the latest problems and needs that your audience would like addressed? Maintaining an online connection with your potential audience will show you what their latest concerns are. Demonstrate that you are on top of it, and ready to provide the answers. Maintaining regular contact on the social networks, groups and forums and your blog are some of the best tools for helping you adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. The fact that you are focusing on the current state of things now, sends the message that you are a topnotch professional.

#3 Expand Your Offerings
If you really want to expand your business as a speaker, use the power of the Internet to promote products other than your speaking services alone. Get out of your comfort zone, and think about what else you can offer to the global market online. There are many options. Set up a Member Site for your loyal followers. Host teleseminars on a regular basis. Offer an online newsletter. Create CD’s and DVD’s of your talks, and sell them on your website. Write an ebook, and publish it yourself. These are just a few of the options that you can use to expand your business with the help of the latest technology and the Internet.

For over 25 years Dr. Arnold has been CEO of Windhorse Corp., where he assists the nation’s top speakers, coaches, authors, entertainers, business owners and sales executives. He is the author of “How the Top 1% of Speakers and Coaches Do Internet Marketing”.
His mission is single focused: to help his clients learn the insider secrets how the Top 1% of Speakers earn massive amounts of money with their speaking career in the most direct and easiest way possible.